App Review: Likewise

I thought it would be fun to rate different book-related apps! Today’s app is called Likewise. (All my comments/images are from the Google Play version of the app. Most features are also available at and is available for Andriod and iOS.)

What it Does

Likewise is an app that helps you find tv shows, movies, books, and podcasts. It also allows you to recommend your favorites to others.

It has a couple of “pages”. On the Today page you receive daily recommendations. About half of them are based on media you have recommended. The other half are recommendations based on popular current topics or new releases.

The Discover area is designed to help you find media! My favorite part are the questions among the top. People ask for recommendations. Some are pretty open ended, like, “What’s your favorite sci-fi?” Others are specific like, “I like author Amie Kaufman but want to move into a new genre. Any non-fiction suggestions for people who like this author?” If you’ve got a book to suggest, you can add it to their list. And if their question is one you would have asked, you can take a look at other people’s answers! I’ve discovered great books that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise!

The Saves section is where all of your saves are kept. I personally move these to the apps I use for each media. TV shows and movies get saved to the app TV Time (which is pretty much the Goodreads for TV.) Books get moved to Goodreads, and podcasts get moved to my podcast app. But if you don’t already have places for these TBRs, this is another great place!

The last section is your profile. If anyone likes or comments on your suggestions, you find it by clicking the little icon in the upper right. This is also where you can add or remove favorites (as well as through the Find Now page or by recommending something under Post.) You can also make your own lists to share with others!9

Overall Thoughts

I’ve discovered some great books through this app! It also pushed me to start reading again, because I got so excited about being able to recommend what I read to others. Plus, it’s fun to get great recommendations as well. I also discovered some great book podcasts (which I’m sure I’ll share soon), and some non-book-related tv shows. 😛 I’d definitely recommend this app!

Have you ever tried Likewise? What did you think? Are there any other bookish apps you want me to check out? (They can be games too… the next app I’m trying is a Harry Potter game. :D)

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