Winter in Review 2022

A great start to what will hopefully be a great year. ❤ Here’s a summary of my year so far.

Total Books Read: 32 (+10 picture books)

Book Formats

eBook – 31
Hardcover – 1 (+10 picture books)

Where I Got My Books

Kindle Unlimited – 22
Library – Hard copy – 1 (+10 picture books)
Purchased – 5
Library – Hoopla – 2
Library – Kindle – 2
Readict – 1

Book Genres

Paranormal Romance – 10
Omegaverse – 10
Science-fiction Romance – 4
Contemporary Romance – 3
Young Adult Fantasy – 3
Biography – 1
Non-fiction (Fashion) – 1

Other Stats

Re-reads – 2
Series Started – 13 (Fated Mates of the Xilan Warriors, Alpha Compound, The Premonition, Judgement of the Six, Dark in You, The Dark Side, Whitfell Brothers, Wildwood Mates, Clecanian, Wolfsbane, Mate Hunt, Who HQ, Mystic Springs, Heat Haven Omegaverse)
Series Finished – 1 (Pack Darling)
Series Caught up – 3 (Alpha Barbarians, Bears of Asheville, Mystic Springs)
Series I Made Progress On – 2 (Omegas of Pandora, Undeniably Yours)

New to Me Authors

Victoria Aveline
Amy Bartol
Ashley Bennett
Sarah Blue
Michael Burgan
Kristy Cunning
Sara Fields
Alison Freer
Anna Fury
Lola Glass
Melissa Haag
Belle Kent
Lorelai Murphy
Ava Ross
Marina Vivancos
Maria Warren

Where I Heard About Books

A majority of my books are discovered by Goodreads or Kindle suggestions. But sometimes they’re not. The picture books I discovered this season I found from the YouTube channel Colby Sharp.

Top Books

Pack Darling Part Two by Lola Rock
Burn by Suzanne Wright
Choosing Theo by Victoria Aveline
Who Was H. J. Heinz by Michael Burgan

How has your bookish year been so far?

 ❤ Annette

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