My 2022 Year in Books

Here’s summary of my year as far as reading goes! I love stats so it’s fun to see all of the numbers for my reading year.

Kindle Unlimited Stats

Let’s start off with some stats from my Kindle Unlimited “Reading Round-Up”. I read most of my books through Kindle Unlimited, but I was still surprised to see some of these stats. Info is as of December 26, 2022 and was provided by Amazon through an email.

Books Read: 123
Hours Spent Reading: 3429
Pages Read: 62,345 (Based on this compared to Goodreads stats, I think this is eBook pages, not “if this was printed as a real book” pages. :))

My favorite stat from this report – I read more pages than 94.7% of Kindle Unlimited members!

I already knew this is where I did most of my reading, but I feel even more justified in having a Kindle Unlimited membership knowing I read in the upper percentile of KU remembers, at least as far as number of pages read!

Longest Book Read: Bound to the Battle God by Ruby Dixon
Shortest Book Read: Ice Planet Honeymoon by Ruby Dixon
Most Popular Book Read: Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn
Most Obscure Book Read: Caged by Alaska Jones (I think I just opened this one and then didn’t go any further, it’s still marked as “Want to Read” on my Goodreads shelf.
Total Dollar Value of All Books Read: $622
Number of Different Authors Read: 92
Top Genre: Romance

Goodreads Stats

These stats encompass all books I read the past year. It includes all of the KU books from the previous stats, plus books I read in other formats.

Books Read: 168
Pages Read: 32,739
Longest Book Read: Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn
Shorted Book Read: Taken by the Cyborg by Ada Stewart
Average Book Length: 194 pages
Most Shelved Book: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon
Least Shelved Book: Mating the Monsters by Ada Stewart
My Average Rating: 3.9 (out of 5)
Highest Rated on Goodreads: A Monster’s Heart by Lynnea Lee

Miscellaneous Stats

I used a Goodreads export of my shelves and then used that to get these stats, which are just fun things I like to see. It took a while, which is why I’m posting this a whole month into 2023.

Book Formats

App serial (Readict): 1
Ebook: 164.5
Hardcover: 2.5

(Why the .5? I switched between ebook and hardcover for one of the books I read, depending on whichever was closer on hand.)

Where I Got My Books

(This only includes books I read… I definitely obtained books that are still on my TBR :))

Kindle Purchase
Free: 9
Not free: 31
Kindle Unlimited: 121
Library – Ebook: 2
Library – Hard copy: 3
Library – Hoopla: 2
Readict: 1

Book Genres

Children’s: 1 (not including picture books, I don’t include those in my stats)
Middle Grade: 1
Non-Fiction: 1
Romance: 163
Young Adult: 2

Book Sub-Genres

A lot of these can fall into multiple genres. I tried to pick the one that best fit. Some are more specific if they’re a niche of which I read a lot.

Children’s, Biography: 1
Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction: 1
Non-Fiction, Fashion: 1
Romance, Alien: 59
Romance, Contemporary: 4
Romance, Fantasy: 2
Romance, Hockey: 2
Romance, Omegaverse: 42
Romance, Paranormal: 6
Romance, Shifters (Non-wolf): 14
Romance, Soulmates: 1
Romance, Werewolf: 33
Young Adult, Fantasy: 1
Young Adult, Historical Fiction: 1

Other Stats

Re-Reads: 2
DNFs: 9 (these aren’t included in the total read, since I didn’t finish them :))

Series Started: 65

Where I Heard About Books

A majority of my books are discovered by Goodreads or Kindle suggestions. But I did find one book through Pinterest this year, so that’s interesting I guess.

Top Books

Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn
Restart by Gordan Korman
Burn by Suzanne Wright

How was your 2022 reading year? I’d love to hear about it!

❤ Annette

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One comment

  1. I love it ❤ I did the same thing with my Goodreads stats, but you had way more patience than I did by assigning all those genres! I just got frustrated with the 2022 data and decided to do a better database for 2023.

    Any bookish resolutions for 2023 that result from seeing your 2022 stats?

    (My ongoing quest for the rainbow alien analysis persists! I wait with bated breath to see the wall of covers and to learn which color is best!)


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