Bookish Gifts for Women

Today I present to you some wonderful bookish gifts for women. If you want to see my other bookish gift guides, see the list of them here.

Amazon links are affiliate links, the others are for your convenience!

1. Geode Bookends

I think these bookends are so pretty, and they look much sturdier than the classic metal bookends! A beautiful household decoration that’s practical too.

2. Book Themed Travel Mug

If they’re not a coffee drinker, they probably drink tea or cocoa. So here’s a perfect bookish complement to that (often daily) habit.

3. Book Pillow

This one from Etsy is super colorful and reads “Drink Tea and Read Books”. Just looking at it makes me think of cozy winter days curled up with a good book and a warm beverage.

4. Tabletopics

These are book themed conversation starters. I think this would be great for a book club, since we always seem to struggle to find book related conversation starters. Plus, it’s in really pretty packaging. 😛

5. I’d Rather Be Reading Print

I found this print on Etsy and I love it. It’s a downloadable, so you don’t even have to wait for shipping! It’s beautiful and I know I definitely want one to hang next to my bookshelf.

6. Book Basket

If you’re nifty, you can crochet a basket like the ones here. Or if you’re not as creatively inclined (or pressed for time) you can get this one off of Amazon. (Although, sadly, it isn’t very colorful.)

7. Just One More Chapter Necklace

This necklace from Etsy is classy, trendy, and perfect for the book-loving woman in your life! (As a book-loving woman myself, I can verify that “just one more chapter” is pretty much our motto. :P)

8. Book Scarf

You can find scarves with the print from many different books out there. I personally like this scarf from Out of Print (this time via Amazon).

9. Book Candle

Apparently, book themed candles are a thing. Some of the favorite ones I found on Etsy are called Reading at the Cafe, Through the Wardrobe, and Midsummer’s Night Dream.

10. Book Earrings

More jewelry! Stacks of books make a cute accessory. You can find basic, whimsical ones here, or more sophisticated looking ones here.

Sorry there are less pictures in this one! A lot of the items were from Etsy and I’m not comfortable using their pictures without permission. What did you think of this list? Anything I need to add?

❤ Annette

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