Series I Started in 2019

So I didn’t finish any series in 2019. Reading just really took a back burner this year. (Although, to be fair, I moved out of state and got a new/fancier job, so that didn’t help the reading thing. Made my life more awesome though. 😊) Regardless, I did manage to start a couple of series this year. Hopefully I’ll do better at tying them up next year!

Below each series name is the book or books of the series that I have read. I’ve also included if I intend to continue the series or not.

From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan
Sleepless in Manhattan
Sunset in Central Park

Continue? Yes 

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Continue? Yes

What series did you start this year? Any suggestions for series I need to pick up next year?

❤ Annette

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Series 2019

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