Bookish Adventure: Second and Charles

I’ve been doing a lot of bookish exploration since I moved. This was one of the first local bookstores I went to, and I absolutely fell in love!


If you’re from Arizona, this bookstore reminds me a lot of Bookman’s. Except more geeky? They have new and used books of every type there. But they also have pretty much any pop-culture or geekish thing you can find. They have Pop! Funko figures, mugs with fun quotes, t-shirts, and even stuff from Out of Print, a company with awesome bookish stuff that I love! They also have DVDs, CDs, and board games. You could totally get lost in there.



I ended up picking up one book, about understanding your dog’s language. I still need to read it, and it looks super useful. Look, here’s a pic of my dog with the book.


I also got a magnet that says “The-saurus knows a lot of words” with a dinosaur pictured. It spices up my fridge a little bit.

What’s your favorite local bookstore? If you’re in the Denver(ish) area, what should I check out next?

❤ Annette

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