10 Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

I wrote this last year, but didn’t post it in time! So here are 10 bookish things I’m thankful for. This post was inspired by Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

  1. There are a lot of awesome libraries in the area.
    I live in the Phoenix area and there are a lot of great libraries nearby. For a while growing up we went to the Mesa Public Library. Walking in there is a blast to the past! My childhood library was Southeast Regional in Gilbert. It’s a very sizable library and has a good selection of books. They also had a lot of programs to both participate in and volunteer for. We had a Twilight Prom (back when that was a thing), murder-mysteries, writing week for children (which had fun activities like learning hieroglyphics), the summer reading program, teen advisory council, and so much more! I currently live somewhat close to both the Tempe and Chandler Public Libraries and they are both great as well! Both of them have a café and friends of the library store. 
  2. My parents were/are great encouragers of reading.
    You can check out my post 10 Bookish Reasons My Mom is Awesome for in-depth details, but I’m super thankful that I have the parents I do. They took us to the library all the time, read aloud to us, put books in our Easter baskets, and even still pick up books that they think we’ll enjoy. 
  3. My friends love books.
    Most of my friends love reading just as much as I do. Which is great in so many ways. Even if we haven’t read the same books, we can still discuss characterization, tropes, plots, and so much more. They are also great sources for book recommendations! 
  4. My friends are writers.
    A lot of my friends are also writers. This also makes them great for discussing different elements of a book. It also means that they’re super creative, and driven to reach their goals. (I mean, it’s because of them I’m even doing NaNoWriMo at all, which is pretty cool.) 
  5. I always have a lot of books on hand.
    I’ve pretty much always had a decent book collection. I’m actually trying to read and donate a lot of my books so it isn’t as sizable, but I’m super thankful that I always have something to grab if I’m bored or want to read about an adventure. 
  6. I’ve been to a lot of libraries and book stores.
    Since almost everyone I know is into books, I’ve been to a lot of bookish places in my life! A lot of libraries on every road trip, different bookstores, and even cool places like Einsiedeln or Monticello. 
  7. I live close enough to the VNSA to go every year.
    The VNSA is a super large used book sale held at the Arizona State Fair Grounds every year. I’ve gone almost every year for the past ten(?) or so years. It’s a lot of fun and a great experience, and I always seem to buy more books than I should. 
  8. I’ve read some awesome books.
    You can check out all my book reviews here or check out my Top Five Books of 2017. 
  9. I’ve found some great authors.
    Here are My Favorite Authors from Elementary School. Currently my favorite authors are probably Brigid Kemmerer, Aprilynne Pike, Tamora Pierce, and Melody Carlson. 
  10. I still have lots more to read!
    I love that there are still so many more books out there for me to read! 

So what bookish things are you thankful for? 

❤ Annette


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  1. ahah I share part of these reasons with you… specially the last one, there are still so many good books out there to read, that´s great 🙂 nice to meet you, i am now following your blog, feel free to discover mine 🙂 greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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