13 Bookish Toys for Dogs

It’s the two year anniversary of me adopting my dog, Daisy. To celebrate her dogiversary, here are ten book related toys for dogs. (Since, you know, they can’t actually read.)

This list took forever for me to put together! I searched different sites for months to find these toys, since book themed dog toys are apparently not that common. A couple of them are a little bit of a stretch, but I hope you’ll appreciate them anyway.

Links to Amazon are affiliate links, all others are for your convenience.

  1. Teacher’s Pet Book Stacks from Bark Box
    This set includes a book called Geomuttry and one called War and Peece. I think this toy is easily my favorite of the set.
  2. Scooby Doo Plush Rope Squeak Dog Toy from Amazon
    Other than the fact that it’s sort of messed up for a dog to chew on another dog as a toy, this one is pretty cute. (And if you want to see my review of one of the Scooby Doo books, you can click here.)
  3. Superman Shield Blue Tennis Balls from Amazon
    In my world, comic books count just as much as any other book. So here’s a comic-book themed toy for your dog – superman tennis balls! (Although, to be honest, the usefulness of this depends on where you play ball with your dog. I know a lot of people choose neon colored tennis balls, since they’re easier to spot in the grass if your dog randomly grows bored of playing fetch.)
  4. Handmade Book Chew Dog Toy by MaxsMomsCreations from Etsy
    This creator has a whole bunch of fun (but very sturdy looking!) dog toys. The most literary one is the book. (Duh.) The artists says they’re “Tough enough to stand up to powerful chewers, but soft enough for a good cuddle.” This is probably my second favorite toy after the book stack.
  5. Scooby Doo Lambswool Chew Toy from Amazon
    I’ll admit, I don’t really get this one. It’s shaped like a slipper, but other than that, has all the classic trappings of a dog toy. It’s got a squeaker, and I’ve heard that dogs love lambswool, so maybe the slipper was just a random shape choice. (Although to be honest, I’m not sure I’d want to teach my dog to chew slippers…. maybe I’d try a different lambswool toy.)
  6. Garfield Squeaker Toy from Amazon
    Ah Garfield, the lasagna-loving fat cat from a comic strip. This toy is honestly a lot more up my dog’s alley – she tends to like plush toys with squeakers. And, it’s (somewhat) less morbid than your dog chewing on Scooby Doo.
  7. Lord of the Rings Dragon Dog Toy by MaxsMomsCreations from Esty
    Like I said for the book dog toy, this creator has a ton of fun toys in her shop! So of course I had to share a second one. This one is a dragon (!) chew toy for your doggo. She advertises it as a Lord of the Rings dog toy, but it could honestly apply to a lot of great books.
  8. Chocolate Cupcake Frosting Cupcake Squeaky Rubber Dog Toy from Amazon
    This one is a bit of a stretch, I’ll admit, but I love reading pretty much any book that is sweets or cupcake themed. (If you want to read my review of a middle grade cupcake book, you can click here.) I’m also sort of curious how my dog would react to this toy – I don’t think she has any rubber toys other than perhaps a racketball.
  9. Magic Dog Toy by TheNerdiestMermaid from Etsy
    They aren’t titled to be book themed, but they are pretty clearly Hogwarts house colors! They could very easily be customized to be the colors of your (or your dog’s!) Hogwarts house. Plus if your dog is more of a chewer or tugger, this looks like a great toy.
  10. Harry Potter Dog Toy Set by MaxsMomsCreations from Etsy
    Okay, last one from this shop. It was just too cool to leave out. This set is three different shapes of her type of dog toy. One is in the shape of a snitch, one in the shape of the Deathly Hallows symbol, and one in the shape of Harry’s lightning scar. What a perfect gift for a Harry Potter loving dog owner!
  11. The Bark Post from Bark Box
    How cute is this?! It’s a plush newspaper with eight squeakers inside! My dog would love this one! (And thankfully squeakers don’t bother me much, since their noise typically means my dog is occupied and happy.)
  12. Oh My Dog You’re 1? Numbers from Bark Box
    Numbers and letters are both important tools when reading. So here is where you can get a squeaky number for your doggo. I should get the number three, since that’s what my dog will be at the end of this year!
  13. Safari Monkey Dog Toy from Petsmart
    This one reminds me of Curious George. It’s plush, it has a squeaker, and it looks like it has a fun texture too. This one would definitely be one my dog would enjoy. Plus, it’s adorable!

Do you know of any book themed dog toys? Which toy do you think your dog will like the most?

❤ Annette

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