Gifts for Writers

How could I do a week of bookish gifts without making a list for writers – the people who bring these books into our lives! This post is mainly inspired by my writer friend, Rebecca Thorne. You can check out her blog here.

If you’re looking for other bookish gift guides, you can see all of the ones I have here.

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1. A Writer’s Mug

Most writers I know always have a cup of coffee or tea or cocoa by their side while they write. So why not give them an inspirational mug to accompany them?

2. A T-Shirt

This T-Shirt says “Never wrong a writer. They get their revenge in print.” I think it’s pretty clever, and it’s a great way to show off that you’re a writer! For a more subtle t-shirt, check out this one which has a heartbeat pattern written by a quill. (It’s cuter than I make it sound. :P)

3. Coffee or Tea

They’re going to need something to put in their mug! How about these punny Novel Teas?

4. A Print/Quote About Writing

Etsy has many great options for this. One I’m particularly fond of says “writing isn’t a hobby, it’s a calling”. You can find it here.

5. Fuzzy Socks

Do these really need explanation? Laptop (or notebook) + coffee + fuzzy socks = a great novel! 😀

6. Journal Bandolier

This gift is great for those who prefer to write by hand or those who use a bullet journal to organize their thoughts. It’s a leather “belt” that wraps around a notebook/journal and holds their writing utensils of choice.

7. Candle

Help them get in a soothing, focused mindset with a candle. My friend (and now me too) is a fan of Woodwick candles, because they crackle as they burn. It sounds like you’re next to a fireplace without having to build a fire!

8. A Domain Name

I got this idea from another friend (hi Krissy!), and I think it’s great. If your friend is trying to get their writing career started, they probably already have a website in mind. So why not buy them their domain name? (For those who are not tech-y, a domain name is a website address. For example, mine is You can buy domains on sites such as GoDaddy or BlueHost.

8. Scrivener

This is the word processor for writers. It allows you to split up your novel into chapters or scenes, and then helps with formatting one you’re finished. It’s also great for storyboards and character plotting. There are so many more benefits to this software that you’ll have to ask another writer (or Google) about!

9. A Writer’s Conference

This one is quite pricy, which is why it would be an amazing gift to give to a writer. Find a writer’s conference in your area, or in their area of expertise and purchase their registration. You can check out Writer’s Mag for the list of the top ten conferences in North America.

10. Bookends

These bookends, which say WRI TER would be a great way to show off all of the books they have written!

What else should I add to this list? And shout out to all the awesome writers out there, who bring us the books we love so much!

❤ Annette

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