Book Review: Rogue by Julie Kagawa

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This review contains spoilers for the first book in this series, Talon. You can see my review for Talon here.


This is book follows Ember Hill, who has now gone rogue with the mysterious (and motorcycle-riding) Cobalt. In addition to avoiding Talon, who ruthlessly punishes dragons who go rogue, she also wants to rescue Garret. The only problem is that he’s on trial at a high-security camp for St. George – the centuries-long enemy of all dragons.

What I Liked

  • Sometimes, Ember is pretty bad-a**. There are some great scenes and action sequences in this book that I could play out in my head like a movie. She keeps fighting regardless of the obstacles thrown her way.
  • It was really interesting to see the world from the rogue perspective, as opposed to the “I’m a hatchling owned by Talon” perspective we got in the first book.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Love triangle. Just tell me who to root for, and I’m game! Give me two options and I’m hesitant to through myself into the emotions/actions of the main character.
  • This one didn’t have as much tension as the first one. Don’t get me wrong, the action was great, but for a while they are just wandering and almost just looking for trouble. And I’m not a fan of those types of books. (Stone in the Sky is another example of a book that does this.)

In Conclusion

Another great addition to the Talon series. If you like the first one, you’ll probably like this one too. 🙂

Find it on: Goodreads | Amazon (affiliate link)

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